PROSCIUTTO - made from the leg of the pig, the prosciutto is the most popular
cured meat, each leg is salted according to weight, cured for 3 weeks in salt and left to hang
until ready, up to 18 months. We also make Berkshire, Wild boar and Tamworth.

SOPRESSATA - this cured delicacy gets it's name from the process of making it. Each sopressata
is flattened after stuffing to achieve it's shape. This product comes in hot, mild, hot with fennel and calabrese.

CACCIATORE - this cured sausage is found in most Southern regions if Italy. Hunters "cacciatori'
would carry the cacciatore in their pockets therefore the name cacciatore. This product comes in hot, mild
and hot with fennel.

CAPICOLLO - made using pork butts found in the shoulder of the hog, the capicollo can be found
in all regions of Italy. This product comes in hot, mild and Veneto.

VENETO SALAME - he Veneto salame is made using spices indigenous to northern Italy, spices such
as garlic and clove make this Veneto salame unique in taste and texture.

PANCETTA - made from the belly, the pancetta offers great taste because of the fat content which
is seasoned just enough to let the flavour of the pork come out. Pancetta can be eaten on it's
own or used in cooking applications. This product comes round, flat, hot mild and Veneto.
We also use heritage hogs such as Berkshire and wild boar.

FILETTO BACIATTO - made using the Veneto salame which is surrounding a cured pork loin.
The two are flattened and aged until ready resulting in the beautiful y cured Filetto Baciatto.

GUANCIALE - make from the jowl of the hog, the guanciale is best used in cooking applications.
The guanciale is perfectly seasoned for optimum flavour.

ROSETTA - also made using the Veneto salame base, each rosetta is carefully encrusted with rosemary and thyme
so as not to overpower the Veneto salame.

CULATELLO - made using the heart of the leg, the culatello is the most presitgeous cured product in Italy.
Each culatello is cured in salt and it's own blend of unique spices for up to 3 weeks. After the initial curing
it is wrapped and hung for 3-6 months. When ready it is traditionally soaked in wine for 2 days and eaten.
A beautiful accompaniment to any charcuterie.